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lunedì 17 aprile 2017

The Turkish Hoax


The Easter (16 April 2017) Turkish referendum has been rigged since the beginning: opposition leaders arrested; representatives deprived of their immunity; journalists and intellectuals persecuted, exiled, beaten, or even killed; the state machine have been purged of honest functionaries and filled with AKP hardliners.

Nonetheless, Erdogan has lost in all the major cities, in the most open and developed tourism areas, in the Kurdish provinces.

The above map clearly explains the situation. Only further cheating in provincial election stations and within the "deep state", has managed to collect a victory of "Yes", and a very close one.

At the moment we are writing (April 17, 10.24 CET), provisional counting is at %99.97 of the votes; Yes (Evet) is at %51.41 (25.156.860 votes); No (Hayır) is at %48.59 (23.777.014 votes).

Evidently, this result is no way legitimate. It cannot be neither trusted nor accepted.

Now we have to support all Turkish democratic forces in their struggle for freedom, and social and territorial autonomies, especially the HDP.

Something must change also in the other Turkish parties. They are too much subaltern to centralist and nationalist mainstream. That's why they have not been able to oppose #croockeErdogan.

Erdogan had his Phyrric victory, but we strongly believe this is not the end for democracy, this is the start of his end.

May the Risen Lord, the Easter G-d bless all the peoples of Anatolia in their journey of awakening and in their resistance to Erdogan's corrupt, authoritarian regime. 

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